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High st in Melbourne’s north officially the coolest street in the world…

Leah Glynne (Timeout, Mar 13. 2024)

The inner north reigns supreme once again, beating out trendy strips in Tokyo, Barcelona and New York City.

In news that is sure to make every Melburnian swell with pride, it has just been revealed that none other than High Street in the city’s inner north has been crowned the coolest street in the world right now.

Yes, you read that right: lil’ old High Street, which weaves through the suburbs of Northcote, Thornbury and Preston, has landed in the number one position, stealing the crown from Hollywood Road in Hong Kong, East Eleventh in Austin, Guatemala Street in Buenos Aires and Commercial Drive in Vancouver (which rounded out the top five, respectively). Excuse us while we go shout it from the rooftops.

To determine the rankings, Time Out reached out to its global team of local expert editors and contributors, who each made a case for the coolest street in their city. The selection was then narrowed down to create a definitive list of the best avenues, thoroughfares, backstreets and boulevards on the planet. Every street to make the cut represents a destination with exciting new ventures in food, drink, nightlife and culture, aka the coolest spots you’ll want to hang out this year.

So what makes High Street so damn cool? This is a strip that has cemented its gold medal status thanks to an abundance of offerings that appeal to both locals and visitors alike. Craving the best lasagne of your life? You need 1800 Lasagne on speed dial. Keen to take in sweeping views of suburbia at sunset with a Spritz in hand? Head to Gigi Rooftop, a teeny spot accessible only via an espresso bar. It’s a street where vintage stores and cool cafés sit comfortably alongside a food truck park and boutique indie cinema

“Melburnians are spoiled for choice when it comes to well-trodden thoroughfares that deliver on food, culture and fun (hello Chapel Street, Sydney Road and Smith Street, to name a few). But in 2024, the focus is on a major artery that flows through the inner-north ‘burbs of Thornbury, Northcote and Preston: High Street,” says Time Out Melbourne editor, Leah Glynn.

“It’s cool in all the ways you’d expect – epic restaurants, hidden bars, live music venues and boutique shops – but there’s also a warm sense of community spirit that means everyone feels welcome. And on the scale of coolness (and where you want to hang out all the time), we think that’s pretty important.”

Another must-do on High Street is to catch a gig at one of the many live music venues. From legendary locations like Northcote Social Club and the Croxton Band Room to smaller spots like High Note and Shotkickers, all music tastes are catered for. Best of all, it’s easily accessible from the CBD via the 86 tram line – a route so beloved it scored its very own music festival last year.

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