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Albert Park: The inner-city Melbourne 'burb that's almost too-good-to-be-true..

Pauline Morrissey, May 22, 2024

Just three kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD, Albert Park earns its “village” status from streets lined with impeccably preserved period homes, a lively cafe culture, and boutique shopping. The presence of Albert Park Lake and nearby beaches further cement this idyllic reputation, creating an almost too-good-to-be-true setting that many aspire to call home.

Bayside living at its best

Simon Gowling, director of Jellis Craig Port Phillip, believes that Melburnians choose Albert Park for its ideal balance of accessibility and serene living. Notably, the suburb also offers a lifestyle of ease, marked by minimal traffic.

“We often hear from buyers that this is a major reason why they wanted to relocate here from all other parts of Melbourne, as it has what every other affluent suburb has, just without the hassle of sitting in traffic,” says Gowling. “It’s truly one of the last remaining quiet villages near the city.”

According to Domain’s latest House Price Report, Albert Park’s median house price is now $2.45 million. It is one of Melbourne’s most expensive suburbs per square metre – a premium that its proud residents are willing to pay for the benefits of bayside living.

“In the summer, so many people are out enjoying Beaconsfield Parade, while kids eat fish and chips and play on the beach until the sun goes down,” describes Gowling. “Its location is about as good as it gets in Melbourne real estate.”

Where heritage meets home

Albert Park’s charm is enhanced by strict heritage rules that protect its streetscapes and prevent overdevelopment. Nicole Chapman, resident and owner of the interior design studio Empire Interiors, honours this heritage through her life and work.

“Growing up in the country, where community is cherished, I find Albert Park embodies similar qualities,” she shares. “It has the warmth of a small town, yet you’re only a five-minute tram ride from the NGV or MCG, and you can just about walk everywhere, including the South Melbourne Market and the botanic gardens.”

Chapman hints at her local gems, like coffee at Leaps and Bounds, boutique shopping at stores like Husk and Stable, finding a good read at Avenue Bookstore, and a bevvy at Village Wine Bar — a venue her studio helped design.

“When my now-husband and I came to Albert Park on a date, we noticed how beautiful this place was, and a few years later, we decided to move our family here, open the studio, and make this our permanent home,” she says. “From a Saturday spent at the Gasworks Farmers’ Market to a Monday morning school run, the delight of living here remains the same.”

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